Financial Education Program

By GPA Financial Planning

Financially educated team members = happier, more productive team members

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Benefits for the employees

• Improved satisfaction in regards to remuneration
• Lower financial stress
• Increases financial wellbeing
• Adequate retirement preparation
• Improved family relationships
• Gain in job performance
• Increased motivation
• Greater engagement with their employer
• Increased job satisfaction
• Improved life Balance

*Source: University of Warwick, UK, and IZA Bonn, Germany.

Benefits for the employers

• Improvement in talent retention
• Increase in employee engagement
• Increased productivity
• Reduced employee absenteeism
• Improvement in job satisfaction
• Less work time taken by staff to attend to personal finance matters
• Improved team morale
•Less time and money spent on hiring and training new team members
• Reduction in pay rise requests

Matt Boxer

About GPA Financial Planning

GPA Financial Planning is a full service financial planning firm that focus on cash flow management, savings strategies and education. Our values are Honesty and Integrity, Independence and building trust by adding value. The Financial Education program focuses purely on training and education not on selling a product or service

Matt Boxer
Managing Director
GPA Financial Planning

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