Brisbane Budgeting

Goal Setting and Budgeting Training

Brisbane July 2016

Easy to Understand and Implement

This course is delivered by an experienced financial planner, who specialises in cash flow management strategies. The group will be limited to 10 couples to allow personal guidance to be given.

Proven Results

This course does not just focus on a budget. Learn how to gain the motivation you need to start feeling like savings is not a sacrifice. These methods have been used for decades with amazing results.

Secure Your Future

Having a powerful savings strategy is vital to achieving financial success. If you want to pay down debt, go on holidays and retire then it should start with a savings strategy.

Walk away with a savings plan and the knowledge to implement it

Brisbane CBD

$100 per Individual/Couple

Spots Left:

Saturday 9th of July 2016

10am to 4pm

What’s included:
Parking, Light Lunch, Powerful Tools and Workbooks

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Who should attend

  • Those who have tried to set a budget before and found it a waste of time
  • Those who sometimes find saving money depressing and difficult
  • Those who feel like they are not getting anywhere financially
  • Those who just want to manage their money better

Who will not get any value

  • Those who believe it is impossible to save money “because they do not earn enough”
  • Those who only want to save for the next bill, rather than for things that make life worth living.

What Will You Learn

Module 1: Work Out Your Goals

In this module you will establish the outcomes you are looking for. You will learn how to correctly set goals, including thinking through common possibilities and calculating costs.

Module 2: Create a Spending Plan

A spending plan, also known as a budget, is covered in week two. You will get a budget template with a video tutorial on how to complete it. This template will include tax calculations and common categories of expenditure, including what spending amounts are considered normal in those categories.

Module 3: Get Motivated

So you have a spending plan and a list of goals. Now it is time to link the goals and the spending plan. At the end of this module you should be able to say, “if I can keep to my spending plan, I will achieve my goals, and my goals are more important to me than the benefits I get when I spend more than I plan to”

Module 4: Get the Right Structure

How do you stop yourself getting to the end of the month only to realise that you have gone over your budget. This is where most budgets fall down. Everything goes on the credit card, you go over budget, you only realise when the money is already spent. There is a better way, and in this module you will not only be shown it, but also implement it with step by step instructions.

Module 5: Monitor

A budget is not something that you do once and put in your draw, from where it will make no difference in your life. You need to monitor it, and adjust it as your life and your goals change. This Module will teach you an easy way to monitor your savings plan, and give you tools that will show you if you are not on track.

Module 6: Go Beyond Budgeting

Is this the end or the start of your financial journey? What else can you be doing to improve your financial situation? What can go wrong and can you protect yourself? What should you do with your savings in the long term?

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