25 Actions to Get Financially Fit

The fundamentals

unchecked_checkbox  Establish an emergency fund
unchecked_checkbox  Establish your financial goals
unchecked_checkbox  Learn the difference between shares, property, bonds, term deposits and cash.
unchecked_checkbox  If you are young, consider investing in your education
unchecked_checkbox  Maximise your tax return

Treat your self like a business.

unchecked_checkbox  Review your expenses
unchecked_checkbox  Create a savings plan or budget
unchecked_checkbox  Start monitoring your progress towards your financial goals

Sort out your future

unchecked_checkbox  Consider consolidating your superannuation (careful of capital gains tax and losing insurance)
unchecked_checkbox  Select the right investments within your superannuation
unchecked_checkbox  Create a plan to pay off your debt and build wealth quickly enough

Get the right structure

unchecked_checkbox  Create a structure that gives you control of your expenditure
unchecked_checkbox  Consider consolidating your private debt onto a low interest rate product
unchecked_checkbox  Consider using an offset account or line of credit to pay less interest

Protect against risk

unchecked_checkbox  Learn how to control your emotions (fear and greed) when it comes to investing (yes, you are the risk)
unchecked_checkbox  Make sure you have an up to date Will and Power of Attorney
unchecked_checkbox  Take out an appropriate level of insurance

unchecked_checkbox  Get the right help

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