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Why Choose GPA Financial Planning:

  • Relationship Based on Mutual Trust and Respect
  • We Focus on Strategies Rather than Selling you a Product
  • No Commission, Kickbacks or Hidden Fee's
  • Extreme value for money
  • Focused on achieving your financial goals

We help with everything financial, including:

  • Investments (property, shares, fixed interest)
  • Superannuation
  • Cash Flow Management
  • Estate Planning
  • Tax Management
  • Debt Reduction Strategies
  • Salary Packaging

What Does Working With GPA Financial Planning Cost?

GPA Financial Planning works on a fee for service basis rather than for commission.  We believe that you should be charged based on the service provided, rather than a percentage of your wealth.  By charging you directly rather than making money from commissions and kick backs, you can be assured that our attention is focused on providing quality advice that is in your best interest.

GPA Financial Planning works with households and individuals for one off advice at a one off cost, or for an ongoing advice relationship for a monthly fixed fee.  Because everyone's service needs are different, fees will obviously vary based on needs.  

That being said, we will only offer our services if we are confident, and can demonstrate, that the benefits of the strategy and service significantly outweigh the cost of advice.

Typically ongoing advice ranges between $3,000 and $7,000 per year (before any tax-deductions) with benefits expected to be many multiples of this cost.

Also, because GPA Financial Planning is fee for service, we can negotiate discounts with product providers (in lieu of commissions) that can add up to thousands, sometimes more than covering our fee.

How Do I Engage With GPA Financial Planning?

Note: Benefits of Financial Advice will need to be greater than the fee for advice services to be offered

Initial Consultation / Coffee Meeting

This informal chat is a chance to get to know each other.  What is important to you?  What are you passionate about?  What are your challenges?  What do you wish you could do more of?  Where do you want to be financially in 10 or 20 years time?  Everyone has different goals, aspirations and values, and we will take the time to understand them.

Transactional Advice
($2,638 to $4,101)

GPA Financial Planning offers one off, fee for service advice regarding Insurance ($3,025) and Superannuation/Investments ($2,638).  The real value of advice however, is a relationship and support that allows you to make better financial decisions throughout your life.

Strategy Session

Everyone has things they could be doing to improve their situation.  In this meeting we put some options on the table to discuss possible benefits, costs and risks.  This meeting allows you to understand what topics and strategies you would like considered in the advice process, so you are not paying for advice on strategies that you are not comfortable with.  This meeting also allows us to review projections of your financial situation so you can see what outcome you may be on track for to help determine what goals may or may not be affordable.

Plan Development
(Generally $2,901 to $7,780)

If advice is likely to improve your financial situation by more than its cost, then we will charge a fixed fee, quoted upfront for the analysis, research, preparation and presentation of advice.  This advice will detail actions you should take to improve your financial situation and the outcomes in relation to your goals.  If it does not improve your situation then we will refund the fee.

Plan Implementation
(Included in Plan Preparation)

If you are satisfied that the strategy presented represents significant value, then you can commission us to set up the strategy and work with you towards achieving your goals. Our aim is to free up your time and immediately reduce the stress involved in managing money.

Ongoing Support and Reviews
(Starting at $2,064 p.a.)

Once the plan is implemented it is vital to make sure it is adjusted as your situation and goals change.  GPA Financial Planning offers various support packages which can include monthly reporting on cash flow, periodic reviews, ongoing telephone support, proactive assessment of risks to the plan along with 13 other services.

All fees quoted are exclusive of GST

G - GPA Financial Planning

Set your Goals

Start your journey by establishing what makes you happy.  What things do you really want to achieve in life?  Think big.  Planning is not just about retirement.  It is about travel, renovations, providing for your children's education and enjoying life.

P - GPA Financial Planning

Create a Plan

Sit down with an adviser who is in your corner.  GPA Financial Planning is fee for service financial planning firm.  The creation of a plan will be focused on achieving your goals and will integrate various strategies to improve your situation over time.

A - GPA Financial Planning

Achieve your Dreams

Achieving financial freedom will not happen overnight, but GPA Financial Planning will be there every step of the way.  We will partner with you to find the balance between today and tomorrow.  We will track your progress and make sure you are in control of your future.

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