About the Discovery Session



Understand what you want to achieve, what obstacles you face and your various strategy options



See projections based on your position, cash flow and Superannuation balance

Savings Plan

Achieve your Goals

Explore various strategies that may allow you to save more money, pay down debt quicker, save tax, travel more, and set a roadmap to retirement

We will discuss your progress in the following areas:

• Funding of goals (holidays, cars etc.)
• Debt reduction (paying out loans faster)
• Cashflow management (Budgeting)
• Transition to retirement
• Flexibility
• Tax
• Superannuation
• Insurance and risk management
• Estate Planning – Wills, Trusts, etc.
• Investments
• Peace of mind

Matt Boxer

About GPA Financial Planning

I founded GPA Financial Planning with the vision of creating a tailored financial planning service to improve the lives of middle income families and couples in Brisbane. Prior to founding GPA Financial Planning I was a successful financial planner for 10 years at a larger firm. At GPA Financial Planning, I will personally be involved in working with you to create peace of mind for your financial future.

Matt Boxer
Managing Director
GPA Financial Planning

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Appointments Available Monday to Saturday 9am to 7pm.