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A Comprehensive Household Budget Planner

By GPA Financial Planning

This Budget integrates your goals, debts, income, expenditure and tax into a comprehensive savings plan.  It is simple to use and extremely powerful.


About the Budget Planner

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A comprehensive list of possible expenses

Includes space for often left out expenditure such as home maintenance, appliances, furniture, gifts.   Also includes tax deductible expenses, include space for rental properties and salary packaging.


Tax is automatically calculated

A lot of budget templates use after-tax income.  This is great if you do not have, or are not considering expenses that are tax deductible (like a rental or donations).  Using pre-tax income also makes it easier to do projections around changes in pay (part-time or maternity leave).

Savings Plan

Turn it into a 'Savings Plan'

A budget on its own does not work!  it needs to integrate goals and structure to create motivation and discipline.  This spreadsheet makes allowances for you to create a savings plan not just a budget.

Matt Boxer

About GPA Financial Planning

I founded GPA Financial Planning with the vision of creating a tailored financial planning service to improve the lives of middle income families and couples in Brisbane. Prior to founding GPA Financial Planning I was a successful financial planner for 10 years at a larger firm. At GPA Financial Planning, I will personally be involved in working with you to create peace of mind for your financial future.

Matt Boxer
Managing Director
GPA Financial Planning

Want some personalised help and advice?

Why not book a free strategy session?  During this session I will not only help you create a budget and savings plan, but also explore what options you should consider to improve your situation.


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Budgeting e-Course

If you are like most people, where a spreadsheet is not enough to create savings, check out our free budgeting eCourse.

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