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Salary Packaging - Novated Lease

Demystifying Salary Packaging [30 Minutes]

Designed for QLD Health Employees, this webinar will explain to you what salary packaging is, and how it works. 

Date: 23/6/2016
Time: 6 pm

5 Steps to Save More Money [30 minutes]

Find out how to go beyond budgeting and save more money to achieve things like travel, kids education and retirement.

Date: 21/7/2016
Time: 6 pm

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Retirement Planning

Stop! Don't Make These 5 Mistakes With Your Investment Property [30 Minutes]

Making a mistake with an investment property can potentially cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars.  Learn what can go wrong so you can make better decisions. 

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Understanding your Investment Options [45 minutes]

Don't leave money on the table by ignoring your superannuation.  Getting a better return on your superannuation's investments can be the difference of hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Date: 25/8/2016
Time: 6 pm

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