Investment and Superannuation

Honest Unconflicted Advice

"Someone is sitting in the shade today because they planted a tree long ago."

- Warren Buffet

Your investment options can initially seem overwhelming.  There seems to be a unlimited range of complex investment products, all promising the world.  This leads to a lot of Australians ignoring their investments, particularly the ones they hold inside superannuation. 

GPA Financial Planning has the following investment philosophies:

  • We add value by helping you select an investment strategy that will best help your unique situation.
  • We add value by making sure you do not let emotional decision making adversely effect your investment strategy.
  • We look at your entire situation including your investment strategy and the effect on your cash flow and your debt.
  • We do not accept investment commissions, so you can be sure our advice is in your best interest.

What We Focus On

What investments are most likely to achieve your goals

We can look at all options, including property, shares, fixed interest (bonds) and cash.  We help balance volatility and the requirement for your investments to grow in order to achieve your goals. 

Your attitude towards risk and volatility

A key component of any investment strategy is how you feel about investing.  We take the time to explain key concepts and take into account your preferences. 

Education and Support

Education about investments is an ongoing process.  Investments go through cycles and with the right education and support you can avoid the common mistakes that have been repeated over and over again by a large number of investors.

Where to invest (Super)

Superannuation is a tax effective investment environment.  Within Super you can choose various investments, but unfortunately, is ignored by most Australians.  GPA Financial Planning can advice on the benefits and limitations of investing inside and outside of superannuation. 

Effect on debt reduction

Investments should not be viewed in isolation.  Some investments cost money (eg. negatively geared property).  This means that you have less money to put onto your mortgage.  Also, any money that you use to invest may be used to pay off debt.  Which one is better depends on a number of factors, and we can help you work it out. 

Strategy Development

We can bring all the parts together into a coordinated strategy designed to achieve the outcomes that are important to you. 

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